Hi All
 Thanks to those who came to support the railway on Sunday 21st February. It was a nice day and was nice to see familiar faces back and some new faces also.

We must be doing something right as we had a lovely family from near Wondai, come all that way down for the day. They contacted Graham before coming and made themselves known to us when they arrived. It is gratifying to know that you have made someones day better when people can come such distances for some entertainment such as our miniature railway and stay for almost the whole day, and we do so appreciate ALL who come for some fun regardless of the distance that you travel.

It would appear that most people have taken it in their stride and abided by the new Workplace Health and Safety rule of having ENCLOSED FOOTWEAR. Thankyou.

A follow up to our coming relocation. It is getting closer.
Graham had a meeting with the associated council departments last Friday and it would appear that final plans are being drawn up now and we can expect to begin the process of relocating to Lemway Park in the next couple of months.
At present it would appear to be JUNE-ish ….. so, from that I guess you can take it as May-June-July maybe. When it does begin, the railway will be closed for possibly 6 months….. probably more…. but maybe less.
If your youngsters, or you, are train mad, and may suffer withdrawal effects, then it may be advisable to make the most of the next couple of months that we are able to operate before closing for the relocation.
Next Public running day will be Sunday 20th March.

We again want to remind everyone that you MUST have ENCLOSED FOOTWEAR now to ride on the trains as of 1st January 2016.
Enclosed footwear is exactly that as in sneakers, shoes, runners etc.,  not thongs or sandles or bare feet.
This is an order from Workplace Health and Safety and as such we must comply and enforce.
Clubs in NSW and Victoria have had to comply with a similar ruling from their respective Government bodies for a number of years now. Queenslanders have been lucky to have had the extra time to wear sandles and thongs. As a result of this, PLEASE don’t have a shot at our members if they say that you can’t ride because you arrive in sandles or thongs. It is not our doing and we must comply or close up completely. Enough said.
Until next time, may your lights be green and your rails straight.
Keep watching this page or our Facebook page for news about our relocation to Lemway Park in Lemway Avenue at Kearneys Spring. You will be able to access Lemway Avenue from Stenner Street. When travelling on Ruthven Street you will turn WEST into Stenner Street (at the K Mart / Pizza Hut corner) and Lemway Avenue is then the first street on your left after the lakes. The relocation will happen sometime in 2016 but exactly when we are unable to say. We expect that it will begin somewhere around February / March / April and will take us approximately 6 months to complete the transition.

We are excited about the move as the new track layout will be totally different to what you have experienced at Kearneys Spring Park……….AND BAT FREE.

The scan below shows a proposed layout at the new location. It is a bit fuzzy but it should come clearer if you click on it…………….I hope. 

Lemway Park00050001

If anyone wishes to join the club, we are keen to welcome new members. Anyone 16 years of age and above can join and the annual cost is $10 for Juniors from 16 years to 18 years of age and just $40 annually for those adults from 18 years of age. You don’t need to have our own locomotive as the club owns 3 steam locos and the petrol hydraulic powered cane loco for members to drive. If you have ever wanted to learn to drive a steam loco you can do it. The cost to learn is only your yearly membership. It only takes a little time and effort. Why not inquire today? If you are interested phone Graham on 0402085124.


Come and see our railway and station, and feel free to use the BBQ and picnic facilities provided in Kearneys Spring Historical Park.

Private Event Bookings

Need a fantastic birthday party that your child and their friends will never forget? Let us provide the entertainment for your group with several miniature trains providing constant rides for both children and the adults!

Take the stress out of entertaining your guests by chartering our miniature railway for your next party. We provide the train rides……we DO NOT provide food and drink.

Contact John on 46364671 for enquiries and bookings.

PLEASE NOTE *****Booking CANNOT be made online.*****