Just a quick update.
After the November Monthly Meeting yesterday Sunday 20th Nov some of our members did a walk around the new site and inspected our new Loco/Carriage/Meeting Room Shed.
We have paid for an extra bay on this new shed to allow for possible asset expansion in the future.
The projected completion of the complex is now post March 2017, unfortunately. As we approach the Christmas period work by Council will soon cease with recommencement of work in probably
late-ish January 2017 and the station construction may begin around this time.
This is about all that we can report on at present.
Progress is S-L-O-W we realise but that is out of our control.
Until next time, as always, may your lights be green and your rails straight.





Looking North to the Grove of Trees.



Looking North Towards the Northern Loop


Looking South from the Station Area


Excavation of the Station and Platform.


Northern Loop Track Bed


Eastern End of the Loco Shed Slab


Western End of the Loco Shed Slab


Southern Loop Area


Southern Loop Area

                                               PLEASE NOTE.

THE  TRAINS  WILL  NOT  BE  RUNNING  UNTIL  FURTHER  NOTICE………….. mainly because we no longer have a track to run on, but also because we are relocating to Lemway Park.

Update Time

Work has begun on our relocation to our new location in Lemway Park.
Graham and various members have been cutting the track into 6 metre lengths and with the wonderful help of men from the PCYC those sections have been lifted and stacked ready for removal to Lemway Park.
I have included some photos of the progress. It is a tad sad but knowing that we will have a better railway for your enjoyment makes it all worthwhile…….




Here are some pics of what is happening in Lemway Park.
Our apologies to the public who use the park as it has been fenced off today. The council has fenced the area to make it safe while works are implemented.

Lemway 4Lemway 1Lemway 6Lemway 5

We will keep you posted about further happenings.

Until next time…….

It will probably be sometime in 2017 when the trains run again.
This is due to the track being relocated to LEMWAY PARK in Lemway Avenue in Kearneys Spring. To get to Lemway Park from Ruthven Street…turn WEST into Stenner Street (Pizza Hut corner) and drive down the hill over the bridge and Lemway Avenue will be on your left. The track will be relocated to this park in the coming months.
The new station will be in the vicinity of STUMM Street. There will be ample parking along Lemway Avenue.
We will keep you informed about developments.
Thankyou for your patience.

Keep watching this web page and our Facebook page for updates on the progress being made at our new location.                                                                                                         To find your way to Lemway Park is easy. If you are travelling SOUTH along RUTHVEN Street and you come to STENNER Street or NORTH along RUTHVEN Street from the New England Highway, you will need to turn WEST into STENNER Street (DOWN THE HILL) This is the K Mart / Pizza Hut corner.  Continue westward down STENNER Street and go past FAY Court and over the little bridge and then take the first street on the LEFT…..This is LEMWAY Avenue. The track will be located along Lemway Avenue from approximately STUMM Street and all the way along Lemway Avenue to Kratzmann Court.

Next Public running day will be will be advised in due course.

Until next time, may your lights be green and your rails straight.

Below is a map showing how to get to our new location……

The aerial view below is the latest PROPOSAL for the new track layout. The new track will have approximately 900+metres of mainline as against 656 metres at the present site. This should make for an interesting and enjoyable ride.

 TLSI Proposed Track
 If anyone wishes to join the club, we are keen to welcome new members. Anyone 16 years of age and above can join and the annual cost is $10 for Juniors from 16 years to 18 years of age and just $40 annually for those adults from 18 years of age. You don’t need to have our own locomotive as the club owns 3 steam locos and the petrol hydraulic powered cane loco for members to drive. If you have ever wanted to learn to drive a steam loco you can do it. The cost to learn is only your yearly membership. It only takes a little time and effort. Why not inquire today? If you are interested phone Graham on 0402085124.


Come and see our railway and station, and feel free to use the BBQ and picnic facilities provided in Kearneys Spring Historical Park.

Private Event Bookings

Need a fantastic birthday party that your child and their friends will never forget? Let us provide the entertainment for your group with several miniature trains providing constant rides for both children and the adults!

Take the stress out of entertaining your guests by chartering our miniature railway for your next party. We provide the train rides……we DO NOT provide food and drink.

Contact John on 46364671 for enquiries and bookings.

PLEASE NOTE *****Booking CANNOT be made online.*****