Our History

Our club was originally named the Toowoomba Model Steam Locomotive Club  when it was formed in 1973 by a group of keen volunteers and operated at the former Willow Springs Adventure Park on the site of the present Springs Garden World, Spring Street, Kearney Springs.

The club was renamed Toowoomba Live Steamers in the late 1980’s due to members also having interests in steam traction engines and steam engines in general. The club also has members that are interested in diesel locomotives and any type of locomotive propulsion.

Toowoomba Live Steamers became incorporated in 2004.

After operating at the Willow Springs Adventure Park from 1970’s, the club had to relocate across Spring Street to Kearneys Spring Historical Park, and began operating the railway from there since 1996.

Lemway Park will be the third location for the club and its track and buildings. For more information about our current Relocation, refer the Relocation Page