Our Tracks

From October 2017 : Lemway Park, Lemway Avenue …

The Railway continues with 5″ and 7 1/4″ dual gauge circuit with a mainline distance of approximately 900 metres. In contrast to the previous track, this track has much gentler grades.

Drawing of new track alignment at Lemway Park 

Lemway Park will be the third location for the club and its track and buildings.

For more information about the relocation to Lemway Park, refer the Relocation Page

1996 – 2016 : Kearney Springs Historical Park, Spring Street

The Railway consisted of a 5″ and a 7 1/4″ dual gauge circuit. The mainline was 656 metres in length, with a passing loop at the station and an in-and-out loop line to the maintenance area, turn-table and steaming bays. This was not a flat track, and boasted a 1 in 50 grade climb!

1970’s – 1996 : Willow Springs Adventure Park, Spring Street