Visiting Drivers and Engines

Toowoomba Live Steamers Inc. welcomes visiting drivers and their engines.

Engines with steam boilers must have a current boiler certificate issued under the relevant AMBSC Code or State Statutory Authority requirements before operating. Visiting drivers/owners will be asked to present their boiler’s documentation and the boiler’s markings.

Operators of locomotives, miniature road vehicles or stationary plant are required to operate in accordance with the AALS Codes of Practice. Visiting Operators should expect to present their operating competency documentation.

Railway track geometry:-
The track is dual 5″ and 7 1/4″ gauges.
Mainline circuit length is approx 900m; with a passing loop (approx. 100m long) at the station and a spur line between the Steaming Bays and the Mainline.
Horizontal curves – are all mostly approx. 14m (50′) radius.
Limiting vertical grade is approximately 1 in 80 (approx. 1.25%).

Image:- Track alignment is shown in red (Lemway Ave is the road at the top, and North is to the right)

Vehicular access to Club compound
The Club Shed and Compound is accessed via a driveway/ kerb crossover at the southern end of Lemway Avenue, nearly opposite Kratzmann Court. (Using the following coordinates in Google Maps or a navigation system should show you where … -27.597540, 151.943258)

Unloading Facilities:-
A 2.7m (9′) long traverser which is adjustable between 0.4m (16″) and 1.2m (48″) heights is available (with both 5″ and 7 1/4″ gauges) to provide access between vehicles and a turntable. It is likely that your vehicle will be required to reverse to the traverser.

Image:- Approach to the Club compound – through the gates, the yellow traverser is visible …

Steaming Facilities:-
Six elevated steaming bays with (rain) water, compressed air and 12 volt DC outlets adjacent to the steaming bays and we have a supply of quality coal and char.

Images:- steaming bays, and water/ 12VDC/ air outlets …

Turntable is 3.6m (12′) long turntable with both 5″ and 7 1/4″ gauges.
Image:- View from turntable down to Spur Line towards Main Line …

Connecting Spur Line:-
A Spur Line (approx. 100m long) connects from the turntable down to the Mainline.

Image:- View from Main Line towards turntable and steaming bays …