What’s a Phantom

The Phantom is based on a New Zealand built 7.25″ loco, and not the Ghost Who Walks.

At last – Murray’s Phantom. We are waiting for Murray to write an article and provide photos as his build progressed, so watch this space….

7.25" Phantom Live Steam Loco

7.25" Phantom Live Steam Loco

7.25" Phantom Live Steam Loco

7.25" Phantom Live Steam Loco at the crossing

7.25" Phantom Steam Loco

Phantom departs station

Phantom Valve Gear

Phantom Motion


Build a Smoke Box

The smoke box was assembled from a section of 5″ steel tube, a piece of exhaust pipe for the stack, and scrap metal for the door. The hinges were fabricated from scrap 3mm sheet, and the brass handle was machined from old plumbing hardware and water taps.

The handle is a bit of 3mm wire threaded and bent to shape, with 2 small nuts rounded off for collars. The hinge pin is a 3″ nail.

Smoke Box Door

Smoke Box Door


Smoke Box and Stack

Smoke Box on the Chassis

Making Axle Boxes

The axle boxes were machined from cast iron in a tiny TAIG lathe. They were first face dressed in the 4-jaw chuck, before the sides were machined. The ends or top and bottom were machined last.

Machining the axle box in the taig lathe

Machining Axle Box

The bronze bush holes have not yet been bored. The holes were bored using the 4 jaw chuck and a boring bar.

Axle box and keep

Axle Box and Keep