First Public Running Day of 2014

The weather was fine and hot yesterday for our first Public Running Day of 2014 and the people came out for a ride on our trains in the hundreds. Thankyou.   A very pleasant sight was the number of families with blankets out on the grass enjoying themselves with a picnic lunch. We haven’t seen this sort of thing in a few years now due to the infestation of the park by thousands of Flying Foxes. For this we want to say a big thankyou to our patrons for your continued support during these last 5 or 6 years as we have struggled to survive due to the flying foxes keeping large numbers of the public away.   For those of you who want to know when the Toowoomba Regional Council will remove these creatures as promised by them last year, the answer is……….soon. … They informed us recently that as soon as the breeding season is over (February – March) and the new young are able to fend for themselves they will move in to have them all relocated. We cannot say any more than that, but to say that we are hopeful that is will be soon.   When it happens, we will be having a celebration to welcome in a new era for the Toowoomba Live Steamers Inc club. We have exciting things planned for this year and the public will be the benefactors. I cannot say what is happening shortly but it is exciting, so keep watching the web site or on Facebook because when it happens we will be letting you know.
The photo here is looking down the line of people waiting to ride the rails, of Graham getting on board his loco “Cackler”, and departing on another trip around our Kearneys Spring Historical Park track.
Don’t forget, we are always looking for members so if you are interested in learning to drive a miniature steam locomotive, just contact us. Women can join and drive too as our Bec found out. Don’t be afraid, just do it.