Is membership for you?

  • Are you interested in model engineering?
  • Are you over 14 years of age?
  • Are you after an interesting past time?
  • Do you like to tinker in your shed? (Or would you like to tinker in a shed?)
  • Do you like traction engines?/ trains? /locomotives (steam or diesel)?
  • Would you like to drive a model locomotive?
  • Do you like to make others happy?

If you answered yes to any of the above perhaps you might like to become a Member.

The club is open to anyone interested in model engineering in general, although the miniature railway is our main source of income. If you have an interest in miniature boilers or miniature engines and pumps, then we are interested in you joining and learning or displaying your workmanship.

And you don’t need to own a locomotive or traction engine, as the club has 4 locomotives for you to learn on and operate.

The formal Object of the Association is:- “the bringing together of people interested in the building and/or running of mechanical contrivances, chiefly run by steam. eg. miniature steam locomotives, traction engines etc.  This Object is to be advanced by the building and running of a miniature railway and by organising outings to and visits from other groups of like interests.”

What is our club like as a ‘community’?

The Toowoomba Live Steamers has a small number of members of like-minded people from varied walks of life.

Often people join as they want to be a driver, however, there are other areas and reasons for maintaining membership. (Of course, we can train you in how to operate a steam locomotive, albeit a miniature one!)  There are different areas you can be involved in, and we offer you the opportunity to learn about other areas under guidance. Model engineering can be a fantastic and rewarding hobby to become involved with.

The club has been around longer than many realise. It all began back in 1973 and we are now seeing two and sometimes three generations of families coming back to ride on the railway with fond memories of our green steam loco “Romulus” . Romulus is now about 35 years old, and was the first club loco, having been built by our early members.


Monthly meetings are held in the Club Shed in the Compound starting at 9:00 am on the Public Running Days (… the Third Sunday of a month).  Anyone wishing to attend is most welcome. (The Club Shed and Compound is located at the southern end of Lemway Park, Lemway Avenue. Using the following coordinates in Google Maps or a navigation system should show you where … -27.598173, 151.943290)

Working Bees?

We don’t have set days for working bees but there are jobs to be done prior to Running Days so that the Railway is kept in good condition. Members may also come at other times to management meetings, or to undertake specific prearranged work or work on their own equipment. We are flexible so just ask us.


Membership of Toowoomba Live Steamers Inc. is open to any interested person who is at least 14 years of age. Junior membership is available for persons at least 14 years of age for an annual cost of $10. Ordinary membership for adults is available for the annual cost of $40. Annual Membership fees are due March 1st each year for members to remain financial.

Members are expected to conduct themselves within our constitutional model rules and to support and contribute to the Objectives of the Association.

Active support and contributing to the club is always desired and can be in varied forms and ways, dependent on the member’s capabilities and capacity to contribute and assist on a regular basis.

To obtain an Application Form for Membership please drop us an email or contact the President or Secretary. Refer the Contact Us Page.

Toowoomba Live Steamers Inc. Rules

We would like to have your help … young or old or in between …  women are also welcome.